We’re not just a blockchain.
We’re a metaverse platform solution.

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Tech that solves real problems


High Throughput

4,000 TPS per chain, with major speed upgrades currently in the works.


1-second block finality,
because no one likes to wait.


Keep your critical data safe with zero chance of transactions reversing.


Exponential scalability to easily support a metaverse-sized ecosystem.

Low, fixed gas price

Affordable, predictable transaction costs to build your business model withn

Gas fee delegation

Pay for your users’ gas fees to provide a smoother user experience, and more.

A developer-friendly environment

Ethereum equivalence

Migrate DApps with minimal code edits and access the global pool of Ethereum developers.

Metaverse package

Speed development and reduce costs with an end-to-end metaverse developer package.

Open source infrastructure

Leverage our open source stack including SDKs, an IPFS gateway, DEX, NFT marketplace, and wallet.

Extensive business support

Community co-building

Drive user growth through joint marketing campaigns and community-building efforts.

Management and
financial support

Tap into our $1 billion Eco Fund to build your metaverse vision without compromises.

Extensive business support

An innovative governance structure

How do you get the benefits of decentralization without sacrificing scalability or performance? Our answer is the Governance Council (GC)—an alliance of leading DAOs and multinational organizations that operate our consensus node network and drive ecosystem growth.


As the metaverse matures and DAOs rise to prominence, Klaytn will onboard more DAOs to our GC to create a DAO of DAOs that will lead Klaytn’s governance.


Our metaverse-ready ecosystem

AAA games. World-class entertainment. Best-of-breed DApps. All connected by multichain DeFi services, and integrated with the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Our end-to-end ecosystem is setting the stage for a vibrant, interconnected metaverse.
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Our $1 billion ecosystem fund

We want to see your project succeed on Klaytn. That’s why we’ve set aside a whole billion dollars to make sure it does.

Growth Fund

Our grant program for early-stage projects on Klaytn with high potential.

Klaytn Improvement Reserve

Our grant program for infrastructure, tools, and services for Klaytn L1.

Proof-of-Contribution Program

An incentive program for builders and users of active and successful DApps.
© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.
© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.