Klaytn’s roadmap to
the metaverse

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We’re rebuilding Klaytn into a metaverse-scale blockchain platform. Here’s the upgrades and changes we have planned for the next couple of years.


Support for Ethereum equivalence

The metaverse and Web3 will rely on coordination and open source standards. Ethereum equivalence offers a path for what is clearly emerging as the standard of many blockchain ecosystems—the EVM. To that end, Klaytn will be adopting the EVM specification by:

Scaling up through Service Chains
Klaytn uses a hub and spoke model as our scaling solution to maintain performance as our ecosystem grows. Our ‘spokes’, which we call Service Chains, can be tailored for individual dApp requirements, and just like other L2 solutions, they can be anchored to our main chain for greater security. We will be scaling up by:
Consensus optimization
TPS improvements act as a performance multiplier in a hub and spoke architecture—that’s why we will be simultaneously working on the optimization of our consensus mechanism to boost the TPS of our chains.

Developer support

An open and developer-friendly environment
In line with our roots as an open source public blockchain project, we will be dedicating resources to create a stack of open source tools and platforms along with an end-to-end package for blockchain and metaverse developers to simplify onboarding.


Our shift towards decentralization
Decentralization is a core tenet of the metaverse and future economy. Klaytn firmly believes in this shared global vision and will be updating core elements of our governance strategy as part of our gradual move towards decentralization by:
Expanding our Governance Council
Beyond our governance changes, we will also be increasing the number of Governance Council members as part of our push towards greater decentralization of the Klaytn network.